Back Injury Exercises For Men

These back injury exercises for men can help men recover from injuries and can complement any other therapy they might be receiving.  Back exercises take only minutes a day to perform, but they can have big results if practiced regularly.

  1. Limber up. Sitting on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you, grasp your ankles. If this isn't possible, lean as far as you can over your extended legs. This stretches your lower back and hamstrings. Now, take your right leg and bend it knee up, foot flat on the floor. Turn your head so you are looking over your right shoulder. Let your body twist to follow your head. Put your left arm across your right knee and use the arm to gently push your body farther to the right. You should feel a stretch along your spine and ribs. Repeat on the other side. 
  2. Work on your core muscles to better support your back. Lying on your back on the floor with your knees bent, flex your stomach muscles and pull your back toward the floor. You are only trying to flex your stomach muscles enough to rock your hips and get your back flush to the floor. This isn't a sit-up.  
  3. Another way to strengthen your core is to bounce on an exercise ball. This is a good exercise to do while watching TV. Simply sit on the ball with your knees at a ninety degree angle, feet flat on the floor. Then bounce. This movement forces your core muscles to contract just enough to keep you balanced. It is a great gentle exercise to aid injured back muscles and strengthen stomach muscles.
  4. Strengthen your quadriceps to help lengthen your hamstrings.  Tight hamstrings can exacerbate a back injury.  Lying on your back with legs straight out in front of you, bend your left knee up and plant your left foot on the floor.  Flex your right foot and tighten your thigh and knee muscles.  Using those  muscles, raise your right leg to the level of your left knee.  Hold for two seconds.  Release slowly.  Relax all muscles in your right leg before repeating.  Do two sets of fifteen, then switch legs.
  5. Stretch the muscles you have worked. Lying on the floor on your stomach with legs straight behind you, plant your hands at shoulder level and push up, arching your back. You want to feel the stretch in your back and in your stomach muscles as you do these exercises. Turn over so you are lying on your back. Draw your knees up and hug them to your chest. Rock back and forth a little so that you feel the stretch in your back, obliques, and hip flexors.
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