Back Up Iphone

Knowing how to back up your iPhone allows you sleep easier if you are one of those people who invests your entire personal and professional life into the device. Like any digitally enabled device, it is wise to understand how to back up the thing. Things happen like children reprogramming the phone back to the factory settings. Maybe your dropped your iPhone in the dirty dishes you were washing or maybe you dropped in the urinal while draining the dragon. It is nice to have the ability to regain the information and continue life without adding a million contacts, accounts, apps and preferences. Luckily for you, it is actually quite simple to back up your iPhone.

Things you'll need:

  • iPhone
  • Computer with iTunes
  1. Your computer. Most likely you have already connected your iPhone to your personal computer using iTunes. This is the easiest way to back up your iPhone. Simply plug in your iPhone to your computer and let iTunes do the rest. ITunes will automatically back up your current configurations, which allows you to do absolutely nothing and know a copy of your Ugly Birds high score will live on should you accidentally smash your iPhone into a brick wall while text arguing with your ex-girlfriend. An automatic backup is also created every time your iPhone goes through a software update.
  2. Someone else's computer. If you are on the road and have access to a trustworthy computer for making a backup of your iPhone data, there is a good chance it will not sync because iTunes may not recognize your iPhone. But this is easy enough to remedy. Simply connect your iPhone to the computer and fire up iTunes. Choose your iPhone from the list of devices on the left hand menu. Now right click on it and choose "Back Up."



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