Back Tattoos For Men

If you’re thinking of getting inked, our list of back tattoos for men is a good place to get started. When you want a tattoo on your back you have two options; you can either stick with something safe and small or you can expand your tattoo vision into a grandiose piece of art. Of all of the places on your body for a tattoo, getting a back tattoo is one of the few places where you can do a large piece that is still easy to cover up when you have to. In the end, there are no hard and fast rules about what makes a good back tattoo for men, all that matters is that the ink you choose speaks to you.

  1. Celtic Cross If you’re a guy with a broad back, a Celtic Cross is a good back tattoo for men. The arms of the cross that reach across the shoulders will draw attention to the definition of your shoulders and lower back. And the design leaves plenty of room for you and your artist to play around with abstract designs and Celtic Runes to fill in the open areas of your Celtic Cross.
  2. Family Crest If you go back far enough in history, a family crest is something that everyone’s family has at some point in their history. Getting your family crest is a good tattoo for men because it gives you a killer way to represent your family’s history.
  3. Tribal Art Yes, tribal bands around your bicep are played out, but on your back a piece of tribal art can be a sweet back tattoo for men. When you’re looking for tribal art for your back, try to stay away from the flash art. Sure, flash art looks good on the wall at the tattoo shop, but those are the tattoos that every drunk with a few bucks in his pocket already has. Instead, take the time to research different cultures to find a style that really speaks to you or get with your tattoo artist to design something with a tribal flair.
  4. Dragons If you want a back tattoo that’s truly, look into getting a dragon. A dragon is a good back tattoo for men that can really show off the articulation in your back and gives you a chance to put together something completely wicked. Depending on how hardcore your want your piece to be, you can keep your dragon as a stand alone piece or you can go all out and create an world for your beast to inhabit.
  5. Movie Scenes If you have a favorite movie scene, it can make an excellent back tattoo for men. Once again, we have the broadness of the male back to thank for providing the kind of space that is needed to do an entire movie scene on your back. Finding an artist that does good portrait work is the key to turning your favorite movie scene into a killer back tattoo.
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