Bad Ass Tattoos For Men


Watching movies can give us great ideas of bad ass tattoos for men. Getting the latest tattoo from our favorite all-action hero will always be a talking point when showing it off on the beach or in the bedroom. There are so many choices for bad ass tattoos, you just need to decide which one to get.

The history of tattoos goes back almost as long as men has been on the planet. Tattoos have served as a record of society itself, often describing current trends and situations in each generation’s lives.

  1. Perhaps the most ink on skin can be found on Michael Scofield in “Prison Break.” Throughout the first seasons on the show, Michael Scofield only showed tattoos on his arms, but later on showed his whole body covered with demonic figures and other strange images associated with the show.
  2. In the “Pusher” trilogy, actor Mads Mikkelson played Tonny as a crazed, criminal mastermind. He has “respect” inked across the back of his head and a dragon covering most of his back.
  3. One of the more unusual tattoos can be seen on Kurt Russel in “Escape from New York.” In the film, he is seen with a giant cobra rising out of his crotch. It looks effective as there are no other tattoos on him.
  4. Brad Pitt in “Last Supper” had a crown inked onto him which covered the top half of his back and matching tattoos on his arms to create an impressive bad ass look.
  5. Bruce Willis is well known for his full-on action movies, and has an impressive set of tattoos as well. He has an angel over his left shoulder and a dragon on his right. While he has held back from getting tattoos all over, the ones he does have are pretty impressive.
  6. Ja Rule, the New York rapper, has several religious themed tattoos on his back with crucifixes, wings, fire and light rays to add to the look.
  7. The two main characters in “Supernatural,” brothers Dean and Sam Winchester, both have matching tattoos of a flame encrusted pentagram across their chests giving them some protection from the many evil spirits they come across in the show.
  8. Motorcycle gangs have a pretty tough image, and that often extends to getting their gang logo emblazoned across their bodies. The Sons of Anarchy have the name of the gang across the shoulders together with a motorcycle helmet over the grim reaper. It’s even scarier when you think if they leave their gang, the tattoo has to be removed from their skin.
  9. One really bad ass tattoo for men can be found on Denton Van Zan. He has a pair of dragon tattoos in one of his movies, “Reign Of Fire”–two large, impressive dragons inked onto his chest and down his arms.
  10. Travis Barker of the punk trio Blink 182 has different talismans covering his right arm together with most other parts of his body. He is said to have spent over $30,000 on his total collection.
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