Bad First Date: Know When to Bail

Congrats, you scored a date, but if it takes a turn for the worst you need to recognize a bad first date and know when to bail! 

 Here are eight red flags to know when to bail:

  1. She treats the waiter like crap. Sure sign she is a self-entitled princess, she just left the tiara at home.
  2. She has more than three glasses of liquor. This is up for interpretation. This is bad if you're really into this chick; any girl getting smashed on the first date is probably an alcoholic who's had a lot of "first dates." Not girlfriend material and you should probably bail. This is good if you just want to hook up with her. After a few drinks and a good buzz kicks in, she'll probably go home with you and give you a wild night, and herpes.
  3. She doesn't eat. This could mean she is one of those annoying girls who always complains because she thinks she's fat. One reason to bail. Worse, if she doesn't order anything but picks off of your plate, bail,  just get up and go to the bathroom, and never come back.
  4. She talks about her ex. If a girl won't shut up about her ex-boyfriend, she still wants to bang be with him.
  5. She answers her phone/texts. This is just rude. She should at least have the decency to wait until she goes to the ladies room to tell her friends how your date is going.
  6. She makes no eye-contact. How are you supposed to hold a conversation with someone who is checking out everyone but you? Worse, one of the waiters could be her ex-boyfriend. Please see number four above.
  7. She grooms herself at the table. Does she keep reapplying lip gloss? Bail! Flipping open a compact to blot her face? Bail! Sure signs she is overly into her looks. You can always expect to get a mouth full of lipstick with every kiss.
  8. Exposes bodily functions. OK, not necessarily the act, anyone can let a fart slip, but how does she react? Any normal girl, or manner-minded human being for that matter, would excuse herself immediately and in the worst case scenario crawl under the table out of utter humiliation. Is she ignores it or worse, continues the act, you can be sure the next thing out of her will be challenging you to "who can do it the loudest" and in the long run, giving you a dutch oven.
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