Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders

The Baltimore Ravens cheerleaders are unlike any other squad in the NFL; they are the only NFL cheerleading squad that is coed. The squad fields 40 women and 20 men and not only do they perform the customary cheer work of other NFL squads with the gals on the team, but they field a mean stunt unit when the guys get involved. Here, naturally, we will focus on the sexy girls in their revealing crop tops and micro-mini skirts and let you know which are the hottest of the ladies that cheer for the purple and black of the Baltimore Ravens.

  1. Adrienne B. Adrienne is known as the “bird nerd” of the squad because of her love of birds and career goal of having a career in avian medicine and nutrition. There’s nothing nerdy about how hot Adrienne looks, though, with her flaming red hair (the only redhead on the squad), killer body and riveting blue eyes. This University of Maryland graduate has been with the squad for five years and currently works as a veterinary technician. She was also on the cover of the inaugural Ravens Swimsuit Calendar.
  2. Lindsay P. This ravishing brunette is a Baltimore native and a rookie on the squad. Lindsay had dreamt of being a cheerleader for the Ravens since she was little and her dream came true. She’s a full-time student who hopes to one day work as a dental hygienist. She enjoys horseback riding, skiing, shopping, trapeze flying (yes, trapeze flying) and working out to keep her awesome figure. 
  3. Lindsey W. Lindsey W. is another rookie; she made the team this year after failing to do so last year. She’s a student with hopes of becoming a dentist. That must explain her gorgeous smile. The brunette beauty enjoys cooking, working out, watching movies, crafts, jump roping and shopping. As far as the jump roping, Lindsey was a national champion jump-roper in Double Dutch and has competed all over the country at National Jump Rope Federation competitions. Who knew there was such a thing? 
  4. Courtney L. This brunette cutie is a three year vet of the Ravens cheerleading squad. She’s also a student studying for her M.B.A. with hopes of working in a marketing/PR firm. Courtney likes dancing, working out, boating, rock climbing, going to concerts and being with her family and friends
  5. Megan A. Last, but not least, we have Megan, a sultry blonde with gorgeous eyes. She’s also a rookie and a college student and is working on a degree in business communications. Aside from having a sweet tooth for chocolate, Megan also enjoys dancing, spending time with her family and friends, working out, shopping, traveling, taking photographs and scrapbooking. Let’s hope she has lots of great memories as a Ravens cheerleader to put in her scrapbook.
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