Band Hero Cheats

Yes, there are "Band Hero" cheats. A rarity in the gaming fields, these cheats do very little to help you "beat" the game. Rather, the cheats exist to help make the game a bit different. Each cheat has its own code, and each affects the game a bit differently. Feel free to play around with all the cheats, and you may find your experience greatly improved. All cheats are entered at the "Input Cheats" part of the Options menu.

  1. Hammers and Pulls. One of the more fun cheats in "Band Hero". This lovely modification gets rid of the need for the strum bar.  Simply input Red, Green, Blue, Green, Blue, Green, Red, Green.
  2. No Kick. The kickpedal is a bit difficult for many gamers, and this code removes it from "Band Hero". You will still need to be quick with your hands, even with cheats enabled. Enter Yellow, Green, Yellow, Blue, Blue, Red, Blue, Red.
  3. Ultra Slide. If you enjoy the slide function, you will enjoy this cheat. This changes "Band Hero" to a slide-only mode. The code is Yellow, Green, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, Red, Blued, Red.
  4. Focus. Need a little more focus? This mode keeps it going for the whole "Band Hero" song.  Enter Yellow,Yellow,Green,Green,Red,Red,Blue,Blue.
  5. Performance. Take the difficulty up a notch with the Performance cheat code.  Make sure you are familiar with the songs before trying this one out! Take a deep breath, and enter Yellow, Yellow, Blue, Green, Blue, Red, Red, Red.
  6. No Characters. Who needs to see characters in "Band Hero" anyway? This cheat gets rid of those annoying musicians. Say goodbye, and enter Green, Red, Yellow, Green, Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Green.
  7. Unlock All Characters. Why put in the work when you can cheat? This code unlocks all of the celebrities and most of the other characters. Get your autograph book ready, and enter Blue,Yellow, Green, Yellow, Red, Green, Red,Yellow.
  8. Air Guitar. Say goodbye to the instruments with this code. It is a bit like playing a Wayne's World video game.  Party on, and enter Blue, Yellow, Blue, Red, Red, Yellow, Green, Yellow.
  9. No HUD. Who needs to see all the clutter on the screen? This cheat gets rid of the heads up display. Clean up the screen with Green, Red, Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red.
  10. Elektrica Steel. Cheat code number seven does not actually unlock everyone. No, it fails to unlock Elektrica Steel, should you want to play as her. The code to enter is Blue, Blue, Red, Yellow, Red, Yellow, Blue, Blue.
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