Bankshots To Learn In Billiards

To play pool correctly, you need to know the bankshots to learn in billiards.  Bankshots in billiards help you get an object ball into the a pocket when it's in a less-than-ideal position. You'll bounce the ball off of the rail or cushion to get to go where you need it to during a bankshot.

To make bankshots in billiards, you will need:

  • Cue stick
  • Cue ball
  • Numbered pool ball
  • Pool table
  1. Use the same angle to shoot the bankshot in billiards as the angle you want the ball to go in. That means if you want the ball to bounce off the rail at a 30 degree angle, hit it into the rail with a 30 degree angle. Remember, you need to hit the cue ball with the cue stick, then have the cue ball hit the numbered ball.
  2. Figure out where the ball needs to hit the rail to get into the pocket. The bankshots to learn in billiards all involve geometry. You need to study the angle of that the ball needs to go at to end up in the desired pocket, then study the angle the ball needs to travel at to reach the opposite pocket. Hit the rail at the point where those two angles intersect. When you're first learning bankshots in billiards, take your time. You'll begin to see angles and intersections mroe clearly as you learn.
  3. Learn to use english with your bankshots in billiards. English is the spin you put on a ball when you hit it with the cue stick. You can put outside english on a ball during a bankshot to decrease its return angle. Inside english will increase its return angle and should be used when you need a larger angle on the return than you can give with a shot.
  4. Use a draw bankshot to increase the angle on the ball's return. Hit the ball just under the center on a bankshot without putting english on it if you need a slightly bigger angle to get the ball in the pocket.
  5. Hit the ball just above the center for a follow bankshot. A follow shot will decrease the ball's angle after it hits the rail.
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