Bar Drinking Games: 5 Best

The bar is not just a place to play darts or pool, it's also a place to play these 5 best bar drinking games. Bar patrons are playing all sorts of drinking games to entertain themselves. Play one of these games at a bar so you can have fun, too.

  1. Anderson Cup–This game originates by locals from Thunder Bay, Ontario. Whoever wins the game earns the Anderson Cup. The game was designed to see who can drink the most by having everyone drinking at the same pace. You will need a timer and a tally sheet. Each person playing will need a one ounce shot glass. This game is played best when there are many people participating. Take a shot and receive a five minute break starting from the end of the shot period. For example, everyone has to take a shot at 5:00. You have until 5:01 to complete the shot. Five minutes after 5:01 (5:06) you will have to take another shot. Take another shot and you have one minute to finish that shot. This process continues until about thirteen shots, followed by a fifteen minute break. After the fifteen minute break, continue with the rules. The last person standing wins the game.
  2. Bar Golf–This bar game requires a score card and eighteen bars. As with all good golf courses, there needs to be eighteen holes with a short walk in between each hole. List your holes on your score card. In this drinking game, the holes are pubs or bars. Instead of using clubs you use types of drinks. A wide variety of drinks should be included. At each hole, a different drink is worth a different score. How much each drink is worth can be determined before the game starts or by the roll of dice as the game is being played. The object of the game is for all players to get the lowest score possible. The winner is the player with the lowest score at the end of the eighteen holes. Anyone who declines to take a drink at any of the holes is deemed to have made a mistake on his or her card and cannot win.
  3. Beat the Bartender–This drinking game has a very high buzz factor. There are some tips to follow when playing this game: do not play in a crowded bar; make sure the bar staff is friendly; and don’t make any plans for the next morning. The steps are simple: the drinker approaches the bar and orders a shot and pays for the drink with too much money. While the barman goes to get change, the drinker shoots the shot. When the barman returns with the change, start all over again at step one. The game can end in several ways. The drinker falls over; the barman punches the drinker; the drinker gets thrown out of the bar; or the bar closes.
  4. Flip Pack (Flip Cigarette Box)–This game requires a pack of cigarettes. The player flips them end over end and if it lands long side down you get to give one drink to anyone. If the pack lands top or bottom side down you give two drinks. If the pack lands on its side, drink and pass to the next player. Continue to flip until the pack misses/lands on its side. Move onto the next player.
  5. Truth or Dare–Remember this game when you were a teenager? The only thing that has changed is instead of accepting a dare you will accept a drink or two. As the rounds increase, so do the drinks. However, by the tenth round the drinking option isn’t that appealing.


  • Be sure to be responsible when playing any of these bar games.
  • Make sure to have a designated driver.
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