Barack Obama: Style

Interested about Barack Obama's style? The nation’s first black president keeps his look relaxed and nonchalant with cool tones and light fabrics. Copy his look with blue dress shirts, grey T-shirts, and closely buzzed hair. Barack Obama is tall and thin, and looks good in clothes. He keeps it simple with loose-fitting button-downs paired with tailored slacks, or plain t-shirts and jeans. 

  1. Ditch The Tie. One change from the Bush administration is a loosening of the shirt-and-tie White House dress code. Barack Obama allows his staff to wear polo shirts, or button down shirts without ties to work, reflecting his more relaxed style.
  2. Try Sneakers. Everyone knows the president loves to watch, and play, basketball. He is frequently spotted jogging around the White House lawn, or playing a pick-up basketball game with his advisors. President Obama wears sneakers in his time off so that he is always ready for a trip to the court with his right-hand man, Reggie Love.
  3. Classic White. Ever since high school, Barack Obama has favored classic white shirts. He often sports white button downs for televised addresses to the nation, since they exude confidence and simplicity. Plus, he looks good in white.
  4. Black Sunglasses. It’s awfully bright in the President’s world, with all the press photographers following him all the time. Maybe this is why he is commonly seen wearing sporty black sunglasses, attached to a lanyard around his neck. His shades aren’t designer—rather, he favors utilitarian glasses that he can afford to lose on his many travels.
  5. Baseball Cap. The President is often spotted wearing a Chicago White Sox baseball cap. Representing his hometown team is an important aspect of Obama’s style. 




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