Barista Job Description

The barista job description is describes a person who makes coffee and other specialty drinks in a coffee shop or kiosk. A good barista knows that making the perfect coffee or espresso is an art and a skill. All baristas should be friendly and should provide customers with excellent and prompt service. Below is the general job description of a barista, and what to expect with the job. 

Baristas are trained individuals who are skilled in making coffee, espresso drinks, and other specialty beverages, such as tea. When completing an order, a barista must know the correct grind of espresso, the type of cup to use, how to pull an espresso shot at the right speed, and other important details of the job. A barista will also be asked to make brewed coffee drinks, such as iced or hot brewed coffee. There are a large amount of drinks and skills a barista must learn about, but all baristas will be trained by a supervisor or manager to ensure that they know exactly how to perform on the job and make the drinks. 

Many baristas will also be handling the cash register as well. When completing an order, the barista must accept the payment from the customer and provide quick, accurate service. It will take effort from the entire team to ensure that all orders are made correctly and accurately, that that customers receive their drinks in a timely manner. A barista must also know how to provide excellent and friendly customer service, and should know how to handle pushy or unfriendly customers on a regular basis as well.

In addition to making coffee and completing orders on the cash register, a barista may also be required to perform cleaning or housekeeping duties. This may mean regular cleaning of espresso machines, sinks, and counter-tops. It is also important that supplies such as straws, sugar packets, napkins, and utensils are refilled on a regular basis. The tables and floors of the shop must also be kept clean and wiped down at all times.  

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