Barrett Rifles

If you are interested in shooting rifles accurately beyond 1,000 yards, it's time you learn about Barrett rifles. Barrett first introduced their .50 BMG rifle in 1982 as an anti-materiel rifle (stopping machinery, troupe carriers and such) and began marketing it to militaries around the world. The first purchases were by the Swedish military when they purchased over 100 M82A1 rifles, the first remodel, in 1989. The rifle was deployed by the US military in Iraq. From this beginning, Barrett has created rifle platforms for some of the highest performance cartridges in terms of distance and punch and has even entered the AR field, producing a piston driven rifle that may rival the best 5.56 NATO rifles made. We will give you the details on each of the Barrett rifles, so that as long as you don't live in California where the .50 BMG has been outlawed, you can choose from the full line of Barrett rifles for your shooting enjoyment.

  1. Model 82A1 This is where it all began. Learning about this Barrett rifle is the foundation for understanding the whole line of rifles produced by the company. The rifle is the first and only semi-auto .50 caliber rifle available. The rifle is built with an upper and lower receiver, similar to the M16 and AR15 platforms. It has a flash suppressor, compensator attached to the front of the barrel which blows gasses back at a 45 degree angle to either side so you aren't hit with the full recoil of the round. The maximum range of this rifle is approximately 6,800 meters, though many describe its effective range as 1,800 meters.
  2. Model 99 Following the success of the model 92A1, Barrett developed bolt-action models that increase the accuracy of their favored cartridge, the 50 BMG. The model 99 adds a match grade barrel and trigger to the .50 caliber sniper rifle.
  3. Model 95 The Model 99 is a full-sized rifle. The model 95 uses the bullpup design, bringing a full length barrel further back in the frame and brining the bolt action as far back into the butt of the rifle as possible. This rifle maintains power and reach in a smaller package.
  4. REC 7 This AR platform rifle uses a piston-driven system to keep the inner workings cool and clean. Barrett redesigned the bolt, bolt carrier and piston system to sue the least number of working parts and for ease of maintenance. The rifle comes standard with a free-floated hammer forged barrel for accuracy and longevity.
  5. Model 98B Barrett set out to develop another precision sniper rifle built around the .338 Lapua round and the result is this amazing rifle. 
  6. MRAD In 2011 Barrett launched a modular platform sniper rifle that can be adapted to your shooting needs. The stock folds and, amazingly, the width of the rifle in transport is the same as prepped to shoot. The thumb safety can be run right-handed or left-handed and, best of all, the barrel can be released to change the caliber of the rifle to respond to changing circumstances by simply installing a new barrel.
  7. M107A1 Learning about Barrett rifles comes full circle with this revision of the model 82A1. Barrett listened to feedback from users in the field and has revised their ground breaking rifle to reach new levels of precision. This rifle has a new bolt carrier and muzzle break that allows users to fit a suppressor to the rifle. With suppressors adding to the precision of quality rifles through advances in CNC technology, this is clearly the next logical step for Barrett. The rifle also comes with  a new PVD coating to increase resistance to challenging climates. 

With these amazing innovations, it is no wonder that Barrett is the first name in many shooter's minds when it comes to precision, long range shooting.

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