Baseball Drinking Game Rules

Want to learn the baseball drinking games rules? Baseball and beer go together like peanut butter and jelly. Both can be considered a pretty big part in American past time so it is only natural that the two go together. But how do you incorporate beer with baseball? By making it into a game, of course. Following these simple rules you can play baseball like you never though possible and have the best time of your life. Here is what you will need.

  • A considerable amount of beer
  • A bat
  • A baseball
  • Bases
  • A field
  • Cups
  • Tables
  1. The first thing you will need to do is find a field that you can play the baseball drinking game on. You will want to start out sober, because by the end of it you will be pretty messed up so starting drunk already will increase your chances of blacking out or getting sick. Simply place the bases as you see on a typical baseball field, except place a small plastic table at third base and first.
  2. Now you will simply play the baseball drinking game. For every single you hit, you drink half a cup of beer. For every double you hit you drink a full cup or one can. For a triple, you drink one can/cup and a half. For every home run, you will drink two cans or cups of beer. For a walk, you drink nothing. The drinking occurs after you reach base and the play is dead. For instance if you hit a ball, you do not need to stop at first and drink before you proceed to second base.
  3. For the outfield, the rules are similar for baseball drinking. For every out you produce, you get a half a cup of beer. For fielding you tally up and at the end of the inning you drink it while on the bench.
  4. If you do not wish to drink your share of beer you simply drop out of the baseball drinking game. The score does not matter in particular, instead, it is whichever team has the last four men standing that win, this way to ensure the best beer drinkers win every game.

These are the rules to the baseball drinking game. In larger leagues, they actually use down a keg for each base and you just drink directly from that, but for those who are not as intense, a case will suffice. This game is not about who is better at baseball, instead it is just about drinking and having a fun time with a few friends, although you should be careful not to over drink.

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