Bases In A Relationship

Each relationship is very unique to every couple, but there are some major milestones, or bases in a relationship that are similar throughout. No matter what type of romantic relationship you are in you will find that there will be many different very memorable moments to cherish such as these ones below: 

  1. The first impression and what it meant to each of partner is vital. Bases in a relationship have sometimes been described as just that, bases. But people in general don't always share what that first impression of their partner was to friends and family, especially if it was less than the best. Often they remember that moment like it was yesterday, and share it with each other.
  2. That first date and where the couple went will always be remembered. Maybe it was a set-up, or perhaps they found each other online; however they met won't compare to the memory of where they met or that first date. A date is the major first base in a relationship because it's when a couple first gets a chance to see if there are going to be more than just this initial dinner or movie.
  3. The all-important first kiss and who initiated it and where it took place. He kissed her, or she kissed him, or maybe they both happened to move toward each other at the same time. This base in a relationship is often memorable and occasionally awkward. Most couples remember vivid details of where and when and who kissed whom well into their twilight years and enjoy fondly sharing this highlight.
  4. When each person knew it was going to grow to be more. Though this base in a relationship can sometimes be a bit of a foggy memory it is fun to hear couples chat about how they 'just knew this was the one.' Maybe it was the way they laughed together, or some crazy incident they got through, or a simple dance. It is unique for each couple and fun to find out what they 'just knew.'
  5. The proposal and how it happened is one of the most shared moments. Probably one of the biggest base in a relationship, it often has a lot of romance and appeal to the event. Whether a father was asked or a knee dropped, it's definitely a milestone.
  6. The dressed to kill wedding day and all the fussed over details will be forever talked about. This all important bases in a relationship is often dreamed about long before it ever happens. The excitement of the day can make many couples not remember all the finer details, but there are always photos and videos for the rest.
  7. The first child and the happy couples' thoughts about it, is both exciting and scary. Bases in a relationship sometimes don't cover the messy part of children. They can be both miracles and trying times, testing and bring a couple to deeper levels of intimacy.
  8. Celebrating a tenth anniversary and how far the couple has come along is one of the major bases to any relationship. What an awesome time to look back and see where a couple has come from and where they are going to. These are great times to celebrate with family and friends and share all the earlier memories fondly.
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