Basics Of Betting Against The Shooter In Craps

Although there are better odds at betting against the shooter in craps, you're not likely to make any friends at the crap table. Warm and fuzzy welcomes will be in short supply for this unpopular betting strategy. But, money is money. Betting against the shooter is basically betting with the house and that casino you're standing in? That's a mighty big HOUSE! Come along and learn how to bet against the shooter. Just don't tell anyone I told you how to do it.

  1. Identify a "cold" craps table. The very first step in betting against the shooter is to find a craps table where no one is winning. Check to see how much money is on the table, there probably shouldn't be too much if the table is cold. You want to observe a few rolls to see if the shooters are making their numbers or rolling a seven before their number comes out. You want the latter.
  2. Start off with enough cash so that you have ten times your bet as backup. No one wins at craps every time so it's necessary to have backup money. So, if you're going to bet five dollars, you should have fifty more dollars to sustain you in bad times.
  3. Put your bet on the Don't Pass line. When you bet against the shooter in craps, a Don't Pass line bet basically says that you're hoping a seven comes in before the shooter's number shows up. If the shooter craps out (rolls a seven), you get paid. You can still make any bets you wish on the table, betting with the shooter on some or against on others.
  4. Add odds to your Don't Pass line bet. You can add odds to your bet, thereby increasing you potential winnings (or losses).

Note: on the first roll in a new game, the come out roll, if you play the 'Don't Pass' and the shooter rolls a seven or eleven, you lose your bet. But, if the shooter rolls a two, three, or twelve, you're in the money!

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