Basics Of Delaware Sports Betting

Delaware is one of only four states in the US with legal sports betting so enthusiasts of gambling will find it handy to know the basics of Delaware sports betting. Along with Nevada, Oregon, and Montana, this makes tiny Delaware the only place on the East Coast to legally bet on professional football. Sports betting is offered in three locations in Delaware: Delaware Park and Casino in Wilmington, Dover Downs, and Harrington Raceway and Casino. Sports betting must be done on location — no bets can be placed or odds given over the phone or Internet. While the minimum age for racetrack and casino gambling in Delaware is 18, the minimum age for sports betting is 21.

  1. Since Delaware sports betting is available for pro football only, the season begins in August and ends with the Super Bowl. During the season, sports betting takes place in a designated area called the Sports Book, where odds can be reviewed on a board, bets can be placed with tellers or self-serve terminals, and the games can be viewed on large screens. Bets can be placed until kickoff.
  2. Sports betting revolves around the points spreads, a method that basically levels the betting field: it's not simply about whether the favored team will win, wagers are made based on how many points apart the final score will be and whether a team will score more or less points than the chosen spread. It's also based on parlays, or single wagers connected to other wagers, increasing the winnings potential. There are also teasers, which allow gamblers to bet on two games simultaneously.
  3. In Delaware, for fixed-odds parlay cards, the minimum bet is $2 with a maximum of $100; the types of parlay cards offered are half-point spreads, teasers with six-point spreads, and super-teasers with ten-point spreads. For off-the-board parlays, the minimum is $5 for three to eight teams. For off-the-board teasers, gamblers can choose point teasers and add or subtract points for the spread. Over/under betting is not available.

Winning sports betting tickets can be cashed out at any of the three Delaware Sports Books within one year of the game.


Delaware Park

Dover Downs

Harrington Raceway

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