Basketball Coaching Equipment Essentials

When it comes to basketball coaching equipment essentials, there are a few things that a coach just cannot live without. Spending time with the players and practice and a games can be so much easier with the right tools to help with communication. One of the most important parts of your job as basketball coach is to create players that are confident and able to execute the plays out on the court.

  1. In order to be successful, a coach needs a bag of basketballs. Providing these for players can keep practice running smoothly and help them practice with any of the drills that you are working on. Bring the bag to every practice and game (you need them for the pregame warm-up).
  2. A coach needs orange cones to mark different places on the court. When you are working through drills with the players, cones are used show players where to stop, start and shoot. If you have several cones, you can set up different drills, all on the same court.
  3. Uniforms for games (and sometimes for practice) are part of coaching equipment essentials. Your team needs to be distinguished from the others. If you have practice jerseys available, half of the team can reverse them to another color. This makes playing against one another easier.
  4. A basketball rebounder makes practicing shots easier for players. This machine sets up directly under the basket. When a player makes a shot, it takes the ball and gets it right back to the player. With this basketball coaching equipment essential, you can have a player work on a number of shots in a short amount of time.
  5. Consider bringing some type of timer to practices. The best kind are large enough for the players to see no matter where they are on the court. This is a basketball coaching equipment essential because it helps you work with the players on scenarios with only a short amount of time left. You can set the timer and let them try the play to see if they can score before it goes off.
Each of these items is basketball coaching equipment essential that you can't run practice without.
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