Basketball Referee Equipment Essentials

If you are interested in refereeing basketball games, you need to know the five basketball referee equipment essentials for being a quality referee. All of these tools are either necessary or highly recommended for being an effective basketball referee to make your job that much easier. After all, you are going to be dealing with hot and angry basketball players.

  1. Whistle. Probably the most classic of the referee equipment, it is probably the single most important thing you’ll need when refereeing a basketball game. The whistle is essential for the fact that is used in almost all areas of the job. Just think about it: foul or illegal maneuver, whistle; angry onlooker, whistle; pissed off coach because of a “bad call,” whistle.
  2. Pinstripe Shirt. While this may just seem like a fashion statement, you will probably be required to wear it anyway. If you aren’t, you want to get this classic piece of basketball refereeing equipment. It is the easiest to say, “Hey, I’m coaching this game. Don’t screw with me!” It is also easy for players to see when you are they are running down the court.
  3. Quality Tennis Shoes. This piece of equipment isn’t absolutely necessary, but it is highly recommended for the fact that you be doing as much, if not more, running than the basketball players on the court. For this fact, you want to be sure you have some good running shoes that will keep you comfortable while you’re referring the big game!
  4. Water Bottle. Since you’ll be refereeing most of the game, you’re going to be dehydrated and that is a big no-no. One of the fastest things to take players and refs out is this dehydration. For this simple fact, this piece of equipment is important for not just thirst-quenching goodness, but health! You don’t necessarily have to buy a plastic water bottle; even a soda bottle will easily suffice.
  5. Stopwatch. This is not an absolutely necessary piece of refereeing equipment, but is very helpful for situations where it is needed. These would be timeouts and similar things that can slow down a game. Sometimes they’ll keep the time on the board, but just to be safe, you should always have one of these important pieces of equipment on you just in case!
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