Basketball Safety Tips for Kids

Many parents are looking for basketball safety tips for kids.  Your children are old enough that they want to go outside and play basketball with all of the other kids.  Now, what kind of basketball safety tips for children are there?  Let's talk about some of the things you can do to make sure your kid is safe while he or she is playing basketball indoors or outdoors.

  1. Make sure your children have a safe place to play.  If they are playing outdoors, make sure to find an area where they are away from all traffic or any other dangerous spots or situations.  Ideally, a gymnasium is an idea situation for your children to play, but there are many fenced in playgrounds where the basketball court is safely tucked away from any dangerous obstructions.
  2. Wearing proper footwear is an important basketball safety tip.  Most children play basketball in high-top shoes, which provide extra support for the ankles.  Many times, people feel that the ankles of a child don't go through enough stress to warrant the extra support on the ankles, but many times a twisted ankle can happen.
  3. Knee pads are a good idea, in case your child happens to fall.  These can even be used indoors, but outdoors they are a necessity if you are looking to avoid a painful skinned knee. This is an easy to follow basketball safety tip.
  4. Make sure your child stretches out before playing basketball. This will warm up the muscles and help prevent injury. 
  5. Provide plenty of water so your child stays hydrated. You don't want your child to become dehydrated during the action on the court.

After all basketball safety tips are followed, the only thing left is to have some fun playing basketball.  Make sure that your child realizes that he or she is out there playing basketball to have fun.

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