Bass Pro Shops Guns

Bass Pro Shop guns are some of the best in the industry. Whether you are looking for a simple shotgun or a rifle, Bass Pro Shop can meet your gun needs. Its important to research the gun you are looking into purchasing before making a concrete decision.

  1. Connecticut Shotgun Mfg. 21 – 3 custom 16 ga. This shotgun is a stunning example of a classic shotgun. Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing 21 has given Bass Pro Shop a shotgun with a sterling reputation. It has a beautifully decorated feather crotch and its black walnut stocks only complement the checkered butt. This shotgun also has a vented rib and gold trigger remniscent of older guns. It weighs seven pounds and will cost a Bass Pro Shop customer around $11,000.
  2. Caesar Guerini Tempio Light 20/28 ga. combo. Coming in at a spectacular weight of five pounds seven ounces, this gun is one of the best at Bass Pro Shops. Not only is it lightweight, but this gun is incredibly durable. This gun also has a hollowed out section in the stock which brings balance to it. Another highlight is the gun's ability to be interchangable between a twenty gage and a twenty-eight gage. Both barrells are have an individual fit forehand and set of five chokes. This Bass Pro Shop gun will cost you about $5,000.
  3. Winchester 101 Live Bird Pigeon Grade 12 Ga. This gun was introduced to hunters in 1988 in the Winchester catalogue. The stock is a fine walnut and it only complements the competition forearm perfectly. This Bass Pro Shop gun also  has an amazing rib and seperated barrells that add to its incredible design. However, because of this gun's age it can cast anywhere between $3,000 to $3,500.
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