Battlefield 2 Extended Single Player Mod

The “Battlefield 2” Extended Single Player mod came about when many gamers did not have high speed internet connections. The core of “Battlefield 2” was definitely designed with the multiplayer gameplay in mind. The online action allowed up to 64 players to shoot it out at once, while the single player mode only featured sixteen game-controlled drones, also known as bots, at one time. This was an age when the internet cafes still ruled because high speed was not as accessible or affordable as it is today. The  “Battlefield 2” single player game was still pretty fun, if not a little lonely and predictable. The AI was predictable and your bot buddies seemed wooden, inept and weak. Naturally, a bored programmer took this as a challenge and created the “Battlefield 2” Extended Single Player mod.

  1. Sound effects. After about 40 to 160 hours of running around shooting soldiers in “Battlefield 2,” you get pretty used to the the explosions and sounds of gunfire and cannons in the game. You have to remember, this was before the Playstation 3 and other consoles we now take for granted. One of the nice things about the “Battlefield 2” Extended Single Player mod is all the new sounds added to the game. Back then, this was a big deal and very noticeable to hardcore players.
  2. AI. One thing the “Battlefield 2” Extended Single Player mod did that was a vast improvement over the original single player game was that they made the enemy much smarter. After getting a taste of the frantic online multiplayer games with humans acting like humans and trying to avoid you, the single player seemed pretty simple. The AI enemy would crouch as you casually walked around their field of vision and you could unload on them at will. It grew boring and the programmer behind the Extended Single Player mod was like the Wizard of Oz giving Scarecrow a brain.
  3. Your crew is whack. They are. They stand around, get shot and always look the same. The “Battlefield 2” Extended Single Player mod includes a simple bot changer to make things a bit more interesting. Plus, the programmer refined your bots and made them much more efficient for low level computer processors, which allowed players to actually use them. If you had an old PC, chances are the bots slowed down your system and were such a pain that you skipped them and went solo like Rambo.        
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