Battlefield 2 How To Get Navy Cross-Campaign

Need to know how to get the Navy Cross-Campaign Achievement in Battlefield 2: Modern Combat? To get the Navy Cross Achievement, you'll need to kill five enemies with a water based vehicle, without losing the multiplier. In other words, you'll have to kill one enemy first, then quickly kill five other enemies without losing the multiplier. Here's the easiest way to do it.

  1. Play the campaign level 'Submerged.' There are many levels in Battlefield 2 Modern Combat where you can get the Navy Cross achievement. The easiest level to do it on is 'Submerged.' Load the level and proceed through it. Destroy the first bunker and clear out the camp. Now, go down the road to the docks and wait for a boat.
  2. Get into the boat. When the boat approaches the docks, get into it. Once you're in the boat, shoot the guys in front of you with the main gun. Once all the guys in front of you are dead, switch to the back turret. Wait for one of the boats to come by. When a boat comes by, shoot that boat and you should get the Navy Cross achievement.
  3. Try again, if you failed the first time. If you didn't get the achievement, you may not have killed the necessary six or more people quickly enough. If you didn't get the achievement, go back and try again and try to kill all the guys quicker. Or, you can try another level in Battlefield 2: Modern Combat that has boats in them. As long as there are water based vehicles in a level, it's possible to get the Navy Cross Achievement.



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