Battlefield 2 For PS2: How To Stop The Train

Need to know how to stop the train in Battlefield 2 for PS2? This article will tell you exactly how to do this. Stopping and destroying the train is not too difficult if you know what to do. So follow the instructions and you will be able to stop the train with ease.

  1. Wait until the commander is done briefing you on the situation. At the start of the level 'End of the Line,' the commander will start briefing you about what is happening. Wait until he is finished. Once he is finished, move onto the next step.
  2. Hotswap on the soldier closest to the train. Once you have hotswapped, begin to fire a machine gun at the train. You can even begin to shoot the machine gun before the train even comes into view. Just make sure you know which direction to shoot at so you can hit the train without even seeing it. Once the train comes into view, aim for the main train (the one in front.) Do not shoot the wagons. Keep on firing for as long as you can. Do not ever stop. Once the train passes you, as you will not be able to stop the train in just one pass, quickly move onto the next step.
  3. Hotswap down the line. Once the train passes your first soldier, hotswap on the next soldier (the next one closest to the train.) At this point, the train should be fairly damaged, only requiring a few more shots. However, this does not mean you should let up your fire a bit. Choose a gun and begin firing at the main train, again without letting up. If it passes your second soldier, hotswap on the next soldier closest to the train. Keep doing this as necessary. You should not need to use more than three or four soldiers to stop the train.
  4. If necessary, use an Assault soldier. This way, you get to use the underbarrel grenade launcher for your rifle. Fire as many grenades as you can if you think the static machine guns are not doing enough damage. By now, the train should definitely be stopped and destroyed. However, if you still did not manage to stop the train, restart and try again.
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