Battlefield 2 Single Player Mods

Battlefield 2 is one of the best multi-player first-person shooters out there, which is why it can be quite surprising that Battlefield 2 single-player mods are quite good. As with many first-person shooters, the modding community attached to Battlefield 2 has done a superb job in tweaking and modifying the base game. From realism mods to extremely weird mods, Battlefield 2 runs the gamut. If you ever get bored of multi-player, you should definitely check out these Battlefield 2 single-player mods.

  1. Project Reality. Project Reality is exactly what it sounds like; an aim to bring realistic tweaks to the Battlefield 2 universe. This includes tons of things, such as guns being much more like their real-life counterpart, one shot kills and enhanced physics. This is not an easy mod to play. The learning curve is pretty much a solid wall. This Battlefield 2 single-player mod will frustrate you. While still a very good mod, it is only recommended for people looking for a realistic experience. This Battlefield 2 mod also comes in multi-player.
  2. Allied Intent. Allied Intent is another balance mod, but this time more geared toward additional content instead of ridiculous difficulty. This means that there are a lot more weapons and maps. Soldiers can now sprint faster and can drive many new vehicles. This Battlefield 2 single-player mod also has enhanced A.I, making it a much better choice for single-player than the near brain-dead default A.I in Battlefield 2.
  3. Assault Mod. Assault mod is, to no surprise, another balance mod. This Battlefield 2 single-player modification has a huge focus on single-player while still modifying multi-player. Another great aspect of this mod is that it modifies co-op. Co-op rules. This mod goes all out. It introduces new skins, new models, new maps, enhanced A.I and bullet penetration. Bullet penetration adds a whole new level of gameplay, allowing you to kill people through walls. This mod also touts some of the most difficult A.I, so be prepared to die quite a lot.
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