Battlefield 2 Weapon Mods

If you want to improve your weapon cache, check out the “Battlefield 2” weapon mods that are available. “Battlefield 2” of “BF2” is one of the more popular online gaming environments. “Battlefield 2” offers some great weapon mods as well. This article will tell you a little about them and how to get them in game for yourself.

To complete the "Battlefield 2" mods, you will need:

  • Battlefield 2
  • Computer
  • Some computer smarts
  1. The “Battlefield 2” weapons mod offers you all the unlockable weapons at once and without going through the process of unlocking them. The advantage to this is having a full arsenal at your finger tips. There is an additional mod for near unlimited ammunition that is widely available.
  2. Be careful, come so called “mods” are ‘winrar’ downloads that require self programming to initiate. The enhancement, thus these really is not mods rather they are programming enhancements. Normally, these are placed in mods or patches at a later date if they are popular enough.
  3. Some good places to go to get these downloads are ‘moddb,’ ‘fileplanet’ and ‘filefront.’ All offer simple download methods either from their website or a mirror stie. Downloading is simple, click on the download icon, when the pop up appears, select save. Save the file to your desktop.
  4. Once on your desktop, double click the icon. It will normally start automatically and tell you when it is complete. If this does not happen then follow the instruction or delete and download a net .zip. Once the process is complete the mod is in game and ready for use.
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