Battlefield Bad Company 2 Weapons

If you’re a newbie or a hardened Battlefield series vet, a guide to the best "Battlefield: Bad Company 2" weapons should be a welcome read. Leveling up and unlocking new weapons and equipment, driving tanks or armored personnel carriers and flying jets or helicopters; all of this is possible in "Battlefield: Bad Company 2." Knowing what the best weapons are will make you a better player. In "Battlefield: Bad Company 2," you can play online as one of four different classes: Assault, Engineer, Medic and Recon. Knowing what the best weapons are will make you a better player.

  1. Assault class: If you choose the assault class in "Battlefield: Bad Company 2," you’ll be a grunt doing all the hard work. You’ll probably be one of those that go in to capture an enemy flag or to blow up an M-COM station. The best weapon to kit yourself out with is an M416 assault rifle with a 40 mm grenade launcher and a 4x optical sight. You may prefer the M16A2 as it has a bit more stopping power, but it is not a fully automatic weapon as it only fires in three round bursts. You can choose the C4 explosives gadget instead of the grenade launcher if you are playing a map that features heavier armored vehicles.
  2. Engineer class: The engineers are mainly responsible for destroying enemy vehicles and repairing your own. You’ll find that the UMP-45 and the AKS-74U submachine guns offer the best blend of damage, accuracy and rate of fire. Equip them with a 4x optical sight and they are not bad weapons if you meet up with an opposition assault class soldier. The M2 Carl Gustav anti-tank weapon is less finicky than the top-of-the-line M136 AT4 that has a guided tracking system. Also, it has a quicker reload time, which is very important when you’re in the heat of battle trying to take out enemy armor or even aircraft. Some people prefer the anti-tank mine as their engineer class gadget, but that is a choice that is up to you.
  3. Medic class: As a medic in "Battlefield: Bad Company 2," you’re responsible for healing teammates and reviving fallen ones. That should be your first priority. But, you’re going to have to be able to fight, also, so you need a good choice of weaponry when you’re not running around trying to help injured teammates. You’ll get your choice of machine guns, and the MG36 is probably the best blend of damage, accuracy and rate of fire. It doesn’t offer the rate of fire of the MG32, but it is much more accurate and causes more damage per hit. Aside from the medic kit, you’ll want the defibrillator gadget to revive downed teammates. If your concentration is on healing your teammates, then go with the improved heal or improved range features for the medic kit, but if you like to do a little more fighting, then go with a 4x optical zoom sight for your machine gun.
  4. Recon class: The recon class in "Battlefield: Bad Company 2" is basically snipers, and everyone hates snipers. Honestly, it’s the truth. They sit back hundreds of yards from the actual fighting and pick off enemies and let their teammates try and do the hard work of capturing flags and destroying M-COM stations. Entirely too many people play as sniper classes and your team usually ends up losing the game if you’re on the attacking end because your team is full of snipers who hang back and only want to add to their kill totals. With that rant out of the way, if you truly must play as a sniper, then the basic M24 sniper rifle or the GOL sniper rifle are probably the best. They are bolt-action sniper rifles so their rate of fire is slow compared to some of the semi-automatic sniper rifles available, but their accuracy and damage ratings are so much better. That is why they are the most popular choices for sniper rifles. Get the ultra-high zoom 12x scope and the mortar strike gadget and you can sit back away from the action and pick off enemies with impunity.
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