Battlefield Vietnam Bot Mod

There is no specific add-on that calls itself the “Battlefield: Vietnam” bot mod. A “Battlefield: Vietnam” bot mod does exist, but it exists as part of a larger bot-on mod package for all of the games in the series. Once a person downloads the mod, he can apply it to any version of the “Battlefield” games he has installed on his PC. The program requires some strategy to set up.

  1. Install the bot mod. The bot mod improves or alters the Artificial intelligence of Non-player characters used in the game. Players typically use the bot mods to make macros to engage in useful NPC tactics.
  2. Send the bots through the actions you want them to install. “Battlefield: Vietnam” contains medics, vehicles and other items that are often under a player's control. Electronic Art's developers produced a fist person shooter rather than a real time strategy game, but players who use strategy effectively gain an edge in single player and multiplayer modes.
  3. Save the macros created with the program. Before you can use any of the macros created for your “Battlefield: Vietnam” games, you must save the files necessary in the most popular bot mod available. The process works the same way for all of the other games in the series.
  4. Exit the game. Even though you have saved the macros, you cannot call them up within the game where they are created. Okay, you probably can, but it is a better idea not to. Reload the game and call up the “Battlefield: Vietnam” bot mods you just created
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