Battlefield Vietnam Civil War Mods

There are very few or almost no civil war mods for the "Battlefield Vietnam" civil war mods. However, there is wind that some gamers have developed their own civil war mods for the game. Dubbed a great idea, the civil war mod for the "Battlefield Vietnam" is an add-on developed to provide the exact picture of the civil strife in pre-war Vietnam. The mod allows the player to experience what happened then and what the soldiers should have done to make use of the situation then. Though there is still no publicly available "Battlefield Vietnam" civil war mods, the anticipation is high which means it could be a great idea.

  1. "Battlefield Vietnam" is based on the America-Vietnam conflict wherein millions of Vietnamese and about 50,000 American soldiers died in the bloodiest battles in history. This game allows any avid gamer to experience a significantly intense Vietnam battlefields action. With many mods available already, the civil war mod can provide the gamer with a unique opportunity to make use of recruiting the Vietnamese rebel soldiers into American allies and turning them into essential mercenaries. This could be an exciting twist in the direction of the war and how highly contested strategic locations could be taken.
  2. "Battlefield Vietnam" civil war mods can also provide a new dimension on how the incredible battles can be fought. Besides the type of arms used, the sellout factor can be a highly acclaimed development. If the civil war provides rebels who are anti-Vietcong or anti Vietnamese army, then the Vietnamese firepower can be revealed to American battle commanders and better assault plans can be planned. Game developers and expert gamers hoping to shift the paradigms of the war and the entire game all together can develop these mods.
  3. There is wind that the "Battlefield Vietnam" civil war mods could pop up any time. However, this is yet to be confirmed. There is less info about this application being in the forums and gaming sites as of yet, but the wind is rife and so is the anticipation. Hopefully, the developers of previous mods will bring new life to the game by releasing the "Battlefield Vietnam" civil war mods.
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