Battlefield Vietnam Hamburger Hill Mod

It may not last as long as the actual battle, but the "Battlefield Vietnam" Hamburger Hill mod is one of the game's more popular and successful player-created maps. For those that didn't have a good history teacher, Hamburger Hill lasted twenty days and earned the nickname because it supposedly "chewed the soldiers like chopped meat."

  1. Download the mod. The "Battlefield Vietnam" Hamburger Hill mod can be found on many popular websites that host mods for "Battlefield Vietnam," such as Like all of "Battlefield Vietnam's" player-created content, the mod/map is completely free.
  2. Install the mod. Installing the Hamburger Hill mod is like installing any other mod or map into the game. Locate the downloaded .rar file and extract the files into the game's "Levels" folder. The complete file path is: \EA Games\Battlefield Vietnam\Mods\BfVietnam\Archives\BfVietnam\Levels.
  3. Select the map. To play the Hamburger Hill mod, select it from level select option of the game creation menu. The map will be listed with all the other maps in the "Levels" folder, including the maps that shipped with the game.
  4. Seize the control points. While the Hamburger Hill mod may be a knew place to play, it uses the same game mechanics that the rest of the maps do. This means you'll be capturing and holding multiple control points throughout the match. There are five control points in the game. By default, the NVA starts with two and the US starts with three control points.
  5. Use the higher ground. Much of the battle can take place from an elevated hill, hence the name Hamburger Hill. Use the map's terrain to your advantage and defend the hill when you are down to your last few lives.
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