Beach Fishing Techniques

Learning a few simple beach fishing techniques can certainly help improve your chances catching fish. Shore fishing or beach fishing can be a great way to pass an afternoon. In fact, when you fish from the shore line, you can be as successful (if not more) than if you were out on a deep sea boat. Still, to help improve your chances, it is best to understand a few beach fishing techniques before you go out and drop your line in the water.

  1. Get an appropriate rod and reel. If you hope to have any type of success when you beach fish, you need to invest in a rod and reel capable of casting your line out past the breakers; sometimes this can be hundreds of yards out into the ocean. The pole should be around ten feet in length or longer and the reel should be durable enough to handle the tug and pull of the ocean.
  2. Know the rules. Unfortunately, when you are beach fishing, you cannot just run up to the shore line and fish whenever you want. Many local areas have limitations about the time of day you can fish. There are also rules in place that put limits on the type and size of fish.
  3. Use live bait. If you really want to have success when you go beach fishing, use live bait. In most cases, live bait produces better results than lures. Anything from insects to squid make great bait choices.
  4. For specific types of fish, use a lure. While in most cases live bait is optimum, lures can often produce better results. This happens when you are in areas where you are fishing for a specific species of fish. If you are in areas where wide schools of fish can be found, lure fishing is also a good choice.
  5. Get a quality pair of waders. Investing in a pair of waders is also a good idea. Waders provide protection against harm. Sometimes when beach fishing in the ocean, you may encounter jelly fish, crabs or other harmful aquatic life. With a pair of waders, you can enter the water without fear.
  6. Be prepared to wait. This is a beach fishing technique that many beginners will find hard to adhere to. Beach fishing is different than lake or river fishing; sports that require the angler to constantly cast and recast there lines. When you beach fish, just cast your rod once, set it in the rod holder and wait for a bite.
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