Beaches In Georgia

Though the state borders the Atlantic Ocean, the beaches in Georgia are few and far between, as there isn't much of it's coastline on the ocean. However, there is always the question of which beach in Georgia is worth visiting on a long, sunny summer weekend? This is an important thing to know before loading up your car and your friends or family and heading all the way down to the coast, only to find the beach is overcrowded or not what you expected. The list of beaches in Georgia below should help you to pick the one that is best for whatever you are looking for on your next sunny, Georgia summer day.

  1. Cumberland Island. For a beach in Georgia that is more remote and secluded then most, check out Cumberland Island, a 17.5 mile island that has wild horses, remote beaches, salt marshes and historical structures from when America was first settled. As it is an island, this beach in Georgia is only accessible by water, which means there is only camping on the island.
  2. Tybee Island. This beach in Georgia is also on an island that has more settlement then Cumberland Island, but is not as glitzy or expensive as some of the other beach resorts on neighboring islands. Still, when you're not lounging on this beach in Georgia, there are a number of other things to keep you distracted, like bars, shopping and live music.
  3. Jekyll Island. This beach in Georgia has been a number of different things over the course of America's existence, ranging from a plantation to a resort to a rich hunting club to the place where they planned the Federal Reserve System. This makes it one of the best beaches in Georgia, as it is so culturally eclectic, mostly rural, though it has some of the finest beach resorts in the state.
  4. St. Mary's Island. This beach in Georgia is definitely the glitziest, with Victoria-era mansions dominating the island itself and long beaches stretched out in front of them. It is known for drawing in tourists and large festivals every year, making it a beach in Georgia that will most certainly be packed on a beautiful, sunny summer day.



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