Beatles Vintage T Shirt: 5 Best

The Beatles are without question the most successful and most popular musical act of the 20th century, making acquiring a Beatles vintage T shirt uber desirable.  The following are 5 of the best Beatles vintage T-shirts.

  1. The Beatles Logo Shirt This is one of the most iconic Beatles T-shirts out there.  The style is dramatic and subtle, yet still displays an ardent love for the Beatles.  Also, the white lettering on the black or navy background is extremely effective, not to mention stylish.
  2. The Abbey Road Shirt The album art for the Beatles' album Abbey Road has got to be one of their most memorable.  In addition, this is one of the most popular images found on Beatles' shirts, and has been that way for years. 
  3. The Let It Be Shirt This shirt design is a favorite among fans.  The shirt features portraits of each of the four members of the Beatles, which adds to the appeal.  In addition, it is from one of their best-loved albums.
  4. The Name Shirt The Name Shirt design is one of the simplest ones out there, yet it remains a favorite.  The design consists the Beatles' first names listed on a plain background.  Announcing your favorite band has never been more simple or to the point. 
  5. The Beatles Jump Shirt This shirt design is not well-known or well-seen on many Beatles fans, but it is one of the most interesting, hence it's place on this list.  The shirt shows a playful side of the Beatles, with silhouettes of each member of the Beatles jumping in the air.  This is a must for any true Beatles fan.
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