Beck’s Beer: Quick History

Beck's beer: a quick history shows that it has been around for centuries, and the history is extensive. When someone finds a beer such as this, as exquisite and genuine in taste, it is always more intriguing to get to know more about it, learn where it came from, and how it was established.

In 1873, the Beck's brewing company was established in Bremen, Germany. Beck's beer was first founded by a man named Luder Rutenberg. The name Beck's later came from a man named Heinrich Beck who oversaw all that was done in the Beck's brewing company. On the label of Beck's beer, there is a key. This key stands for "the key of Bremen" to represent the area in which it first surfaced as a true brewery.

Beck's beer was the first German beer to use green bottles for brewing and selling. The purpose of the green bottles was to help avoid that skunky taste when it is mixed with sunlight. In early 2001, Beck's beer decided to put it's beer up for sale for the right price and to the right countries. America complied, and this new beer was introduced to the US. Beck's beer is the number one German export beer in accordance to its volume size to over 100 countries. Its top export countries are Italy, Australia, and the USA.

Another big part of history is when Beck's made their low calorie beer. At a whopping 64 calories per bottle, with undeniably good taste, it is a hard beer to turn down. Beck's beer comes in six pack bottles, as well as twelve pack bottles. Anything bigger just does not happen here in the US.

Beck's beer contains mostly a large quantity of two ingredients, although being a true German beer, is only allowed four total. It contains barley from England, and a special strain of yeast. The other two components to the Beck's recipe are ice-aged glacier water and hops from the Hallertau Hop Gardens in Germany.

In the end, Beck's beer has a large amount of uncompromised history, and undeniably good flavor that has lasted century and century again. Nothing can compare to the low calorie option, the regular, the dark, and the unprecedented design of the Beck's beer bottle.



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