Become A Water Ski Trainer

Do you want to know how to become a water ski trainer? If you have ski experience and want a cool summer job, then becoming a water ski trainer may be for you. Teaching others a sport you like is very fulfilling and easy. Learn how easy it is to become a water ski trainer.

To become a water ski trainer, you will need:

  • Water ski knowledge course
  • CPR certification
  • First aid certification
  • A clean criminal history
  • Multiple boat skills
  • Member fees for national organization
  1. Know age requirements. An important part of how to become a water ski trainer is to know the age requirements. Instructors to be must be at least sixteen years old.
  2. Take a class. Attend a water ski knowledge course as part of the water ski trainer process. Study boating, water events and safety to fulfill educational curriculum requirements.
  3. Acquire certifications. Receive training and get qualified to become a water ski trainer. Obtain Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and First Aid certification with documentation to meet requirements.
  4. Be clean. Maintain a positive background and criminal history as a requirement to become a water ski trainer. Recreational companies want employees they can trust.
  5. Know boats. Show multiple types of boat skills if you want to become a water ski trainer. The variety of water vessels should include canoe, kayak, sailboats and others.
  6. Be a member. Become part of a national water ski group as part of the how to become a water ski trainer process. Consider organizations like USA Water Ski or American Water Ski associations. Maintain an active member status with verification.
  7. Get local. An important part of the how to become a water ski trainer task is adhering to local certification rules. Many states have their own additional requirements for water ski instructors, check the laws in your state.

That is it. Remember to keep documentation to become a water ski trainer. Now go out, put in applications and get an instructor job.


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