Bed Bugs Rash Treatment

There has been a bed bug outbreak in America, and many people want to know a good, easy-to-use, bed bug rash treatment. Typically, when a person breaks out with a bed bug rash, they have an infested mattress, and the small insects feed off of their host repeatedly. The severity of the rash all depends on the allergic reaction of the individual person, and can range from barely noticeable, to a large red rash. Below is a list of the best bed bug rash treatments.

  1. Steroid Creams: Steroid Cream is one of the best bed bug treatments, and will alleviate the itching almost immediately. This won’t necessarily get rid of the swelling and raised bumps along the skin, but at least it won’t itch any longer. Hydro-Cortisone is a great example of a steroid cream.
  2. Oral Antihistamine:  Oral antihistamines are a group of allergy fighting medicines. The pills or liquid medicine is ingested and relives the pain and itching associated with the rash, which makes it another really good treatment for bed bug rash. Benadryl is a well known variety of oral antihistamine. However, some oral antihistamines can cause the user to become drowsy, so many are meant for use at night. Brands like Zyrtec and Claritin are popular alternatives that can be used during the day, and don’t have the drowsiness side effect.
  3. Calamine Lotion: This is a topical analgesic that will protect the skin, and dry out the rash. This causes the rash to go away faster. Wash the rash first and dry it, then apply the calamine lotion to the affected area. The itch will go away, making it a fairly quick treatment for the bed bug rash.
  4. Oatmeal: Powdered Oatmeal can be put into a warm bath, or made into a thick paste and applied to the area of the bed bug rash. This is a great bed bug rash treatment, because it not only stops the itch; it also reduces the swelling in the affected area.
  5. Salt and Baking Soda: A mixture of salt and Baking Soda will reduce swelling and inflammation. Used in conjunction with a topical steroid cream, the combination would pretty much eradicate the rash the fastest, making it the best bed bug rash treatment of them all.

These are effective solutions to the pain, itching and discomfort of a bed bug rash, and can help anyone who is suffering from these blood sucking parasitic insects. The next step is to get rid of the bed bug infestation, so that there won’t be a need for future bed bug rash treatments. 

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