Bed Bugs Signs

If you see these bed bugs signs, you might want to run for cover. Bed bugs are nasty little creatures that take up residence in your love nest. They can cause itching, irritating bites and sometimes infection. Bed bugs can hide in many places including mattresses, baseboards, luggage and carpets. Here's a run down on these bugs and the signs they leave behind.

  1. Blood. A sign that you have a bed bug problem is blood. You might accidently roll over and crush these bugs in your sleep. This unfortunate situation leads to blood on your clean sheets.
  2. Excrement. Another sign is excrement. Bed bugs leave behind small drops of brown excrement as they crawl over your bedding. It's best to wash your bedding as soon as you notice these signs.
  3. Sweet and Musky Odor. If you notice a strangely sweet, but musk-like odor during the night, you might have bed bugs. They secrete a sweet scent as they crawl about. You might notice this during the night as you sleep or in the morning when you awake.
  4. Bites and Itching. Bed bugs leave tiny, red bites on their victims. The bites cause major itching and irritation. If you tend to scratch a lot, the site may become infected. Some bites redden and leave a burning sensation. The burning may also be noticed when the bugs first bite you. Other times you might not even notice you've been bitten. A major telltale sign is a single line of tiny bites. They might appear like red welts on any part of your body. Bed bugs feed on blood and will drink from the same site.

The best way to get rid of these bugs is by having your home or infected area exterminated. A bug control expert will examine your home and locate the problem. All linen should be washed thoroughly. You should also check closets, luggage or any other items in your home for signs.

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