Beer Bong: 5 Tips

Curious about using a beer bong and 5 tips to help maximize your beer bong experience? The best beers to use and a wealth of other information that can be found right here. The purpose of a beer bong is to have fun with beer and friends by getting creative in your consumption of beer. There are, however, some things that need to be avoided in order to make this a pleasant experience. Naturally, avoiding drinking too much beer. Besides that obvious warning, one of the biggest concerns with a beer bong is controlling the foam.

  1. Pour. When it comes to pouring beer into a beer bong, most people think you have to pour it quickly since speed of drinking is one of the purposes of the beer  bong. You can pour it quickly, but then you might end up apologizing to whoever it is that happens to be drinking from the bong, or you can use this tip as you pour the beer. To pour it correctly, regardless of speed, you need to place the beer against the inside edge of the funnel. Pour slowly with the beer and funnel tilted so that none of the beer comes out of the funnel. The tilting of the funnel will assist you in eliminating foam.
  2. Lick. This tip for the beer bong goes solely to the current drinker. The drinker should fill the funnel while plugging the flow of beer with his finger. Next, he should lick his finger and swirl the beer with it. The saliva interacts with the carbonation of the beer and causes the foam to dissolve.
  3. Wait. This tip is really simple. Fill the beer bong and simply wait for the foam to rise to the top of the funnel and dissolve before drinking.
  4. Warm it up! Warm beer tends to have less foam. So, if you want to avoid the hassle of any of the other tips here, just use warm beer to fill your beer bong.
  5. Lubricate. As odd as it sounds, oils have the effect of dissolving foam quickly. While some people use their facial oil and the method found in tip number two, that method can be slightly nauseating if more than one person is using the bong. A method that works just as well is to smear a ring of olive oil or vegetable oil inside the funnel. Simply go around the funnel one time with the oil and you will notice that the next beer you pour into the beer bong will be free of foam!
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