Beer Bong Rules

Beer bong is a party game that will leave the players stumbling away. When playing beer bong remember to have enough beer handy, before you start the game. There is nothing worse than running out of beer during play. That would be one serious party foul!

To play beer bong, you will need:

  • A beer bong
  • Beer
  • Players
  1. You must swallow the entire contents of the beer bong within seconds. The amount of beer that is pour into the beer bong depends on the house rules for this game. Sometimes one beer is poured, while other times an entire six-pack is poured into the beer bong.
  2. All beer must remain down. If you lose your stomach contents, you have committed a party foul. You will have to play again, until, all beer is kept down without upchucking any of it.
  3. If you walk away from the beer bong after your turn, and are walking straight, you must immediately return to the beer bong for another turn. No player is allowed to leave the beer bong that walks in a straight line.
  4. All players must have a turn at the beer bong. No one is allowed to watch the game without participating in the activities. The game of beer bong does not allow onlookers. Everyone around the beer bong must take a turn. This improves the quality of the game.
  5. The minimum of turns for play at a beer bong is two. The maximum amount of turns depends on your personal preference. Compete against your friends to see who is the beer bong king!
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