Beer on a Budget: Best Cheap Beers

Looking for the best cheap beers on a budget?. While other people spend 30 bucks on a case of Sam Adams, some of us would rather just spend $15 on a case. But what good beer cost $15? There is plenty of beer that you can buy for only $15 but not all of it tastes good. As a matter of fact, some beer taste really bad, like its not even beer, just alcohol and water. Well, here is your guide to the best cheap beer, although beware, there are not many good beer brands that can be had cheap.

  1. Coors Light – Although many people do not like this beer, you can do a whole lot worse for only 20 bucks a case. Coors Light is in no way smooth, but it works quickly, and that is the key to this beer's goodness. Believe it or not, but many people do not like the taste of beer. This beer was made for them, so they can drink as little as possible while still getting a buzz off of this cheap beer.
  2. Yuengling Tan And Black – Only costing $11 for a 12 pack, Yuengling is well worth the money. It is a little smoother than Coors which gives it the nod to be considered one of the better cheap beer.
  3. Pabst Blue Ribbon – You can actually get a case of 30 beer for around 15 bucks with Pabst. Pabst, like Coors, is not smooth tasting, but it somehow does not taste bad. It has sort of a salty taste that is kind of refreshing actually. The only down side is this beer is loaded with calories. Don't be shocked if you gained a pound or two after drinking a few of these.
  4. Miller Lite – This beer is very nasty tasting. So why is it on a list of the best cheap beer? Well if you drink this beer ICE COLD, it is not so bad. Miller Lite is about 20 bucks a case and as long as you drink this beer ice cold, it is a good deal.
  5. Simpler Times – This cheap beer has an extraordinary alcohol content for such an inexpensive beer. What is even more extraordinary is just how cheap it actually is. You can buy a six pack for six dollars! That is one dollar a beer. This should be your beer of choice in such a horrible economy. Spend less and get more messed up. Sounds too good to be true.
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