Beer Pong Team Names

Beer pong is one of America's favorite drinking games and picking the perfect beer pong team names can make playing even more fun. You can be playing for fun on the weekends or actually playing a professional beer pong tournament, regardless a team name is good to have. Whether you want your name to be cool or funny the following list is sure to spark your interest.

  1. "Raining Three's" The most exciting shot in basketball is a three pointer because everyone enjoys seeing the ball soar into the bucket from a great distance. So why should beer pong be much different? Boast this team name to have the opponent thinking you can hit shots all game long.
  2. "Buckets" This plain and simple team name is perfect for anyone. When you sink those beer pong shots it all comes down to making the buckets. Show this name off by chanting it as you nail all your shots.
  3. "Tipsy Buckets" A perfect funny name for all teams playing beer pong. Show off your drinking skills by naming your team this.
  4. "Fire" When you are hot you are hot, there is no other way to put it. When your team starts nailing shots you will be on fire! Take this team name and show it off with pride.
  5. "Sharpshooters" You have to have a sharp shot to be successful at beer pong. So why not let others know just how good of a shot you are? Now you can use this name and show everyone how good you really are.
  6. "Draining Em" Use this name when you want to let others know you can drain your shots all night. The opposition has to respect a name like this one.
  7. "Drunk Ballers"  Make everyone laugh and respect you at the same time. Start the party off with this name.
  8. "Prodigy"  Prodigy is a popular name for almost any team. Want to be the coolest team? Then use this bad boy.
  9. "Bring IT Back"  It is always great when you and your partner nail both of your shots. Let the opponents know you can keep it up all night by using this name.
  10.  "Steam Rollers" Act like a true steam roller and sport this name when you crush anyone who faces you. This name will make the opponents crumble.
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