Beginner Bowling Tips

If you are new to the sport, then a few beginner bowling tips will definitely come in handy. On the surface, bowling seems like it is simply just a matter of rolling a ball down the lane and knocking over some pins. Of course, things are not as easy as they seem. Bowling is actually quite tricky. Without a few a helpful beginner bowling tips, you will probably end up throwing more gutter balls than strikes.

  1. Pick the right sized ball. The biggest beginner mistake that most beginners make is that they pick a bowling ball that is too light or too heavy. If the ball is too heavy, you will not be able to get any force on the ball, and have little control. If the ball is too light, then you will have a tendency to overthrow the ball, again lessening your control. To pick a ball, you should be able to comfortably hold it out at arm’s length in front of you for several seconds.
  2. Start by throwing a straight ball. Yes, people who are very good at bowling throw the ball with a hook. This does not mean that you should. As a beginner bowler, remember this tip; everyone begins by bowling a straight ball. You have to learn to control the ball, before you can move on to something else. So practice that shot over and over again, before you move on to other things.
  3. Pick a spot on the lane. Also keep in mind, when you are bowling you are not actually aiming at the pins. The pins are simply too far away. Instead, pick a spot on the lane itself and aim at it. A good beginners’ tip is to throw at one of the dots or arrows that lie a few feet in front of you at the beginning of the lane. Then simply adjust from there.
  4. Hit the pins at an angle. If you hit the pins straight on, then you will wind up throwing a lot of splits; this is a mistake many beginner bowlers make. The best tip is to try to hit the pins at a slight angle; it does not have to be anything drastic, just angled enough so that you do not just drive the head pin straight back.
  5. Work on a delivery. The best bowlers have the same delivery. They throw ball the same way over and over again. You should practice the same thing. Your bowling delivery should be anywhere between three and five steps. The key is to be comfortable. Once you are comfortable with your delivery, your game will improve.
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