Beginner Flamenco Guitar Songs

Anyone interested in learning how to play the Spanish guitar needs to know about beginner flamenco guitar songs. Playing flamenco guitar can be incredibly complex and challenging, but it is also the most beautiful playing that can be done. Here are just a few of the best beginner flamenco guitar songs.

  1. "Spanish Caravan." This is one of the beginner flamenco guitar songs that seems a lot harder than what it is. This is also one of the better known beginner flamenco guitar songs in America. This song by The Doors is actually pretty simple to get the Spanish into down pat. All you have to do is play the B, C, and D chords in the second, third and fifth frets.
  2. "La Malaguena." This is the most internationally famous of the beginner flamenco guitar songs. The song is about a man telling a woman from Malaga, Spain how he wants to be with her, but understands her rejection because of how poor he is. This is one of the most classic of beginner flamenco guitar songs.
  3. "Alegrias." Vincente Gomez has a beautiful flamenco composition with this song. In the 1950s, he moved to Los Angeles and opened The Academy of Spanish Arts. This is one of the beginner flamenco guitar songs that many learn at his school, and you should add it to your list to learn as well.
  4. "La Leyenda del Tiempo." This is one of the beginner flamenco guitar songs that is a title track. This song was the first track on the album of the same name by the Spanish singer Camaron. The album is regarded as one of the most important albums in flamenco history so this is a staple for beginner flamenco guitar songs.
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