Beginner Paragliding Tips

Knowing some beginner paragliding tips will help in having a great time during paragliding! These tips are simple and easy to remember. Anyone who begins paragliding is looking for a great time to fly in the air without having to free fall too dramatically. Just as long as you keep a few things in mind, you'll be sure to have a high-flying time.

  1. Your instructor. Having a good paragliding instructor is rather important. However, it doesn't matter how nice they are to you and how much they make you laugh. Something to check for is seeing if your paragliding instructor is a USHGA Certified Basic or Advanced Paragliding Instructor. These instructors go through rigorous training to make sure you know each and every detail that is involved with paragliding.
  2. Steady winds. For beginning paragliding, its important that you do not make any flights in steady winds of twelve miles per hour or less. When winds get heavy during a flight, it can be very dangerous. The wind can twist the cables in the unit as well as cause the pilot to steer off course. It requires advanced skill to stay on course during a heavy and steady wind.
  3. Understand the slopes. For beginning paragliding pilots, its best to start off by foot launching. This is done by running down a slope and letting the wind take the canopy as you fly. However, if you are just starting out, its best to stick to slopes with 3:1 – 4:1 ratio. Its also good to keep in mind that wind should only be about fifteen degrees of being straight up the slope. Any slope greater than this will cause you a tough time in controlling the sale.
  4. No obstructions. With foot launching, it's also extremely important to avoid anything that you may run into. Once the wind takes the canopy and begins lifting you, it's hard to stop the gliding forward. Be sure to pick out a spot with little to no obstructions within sixty degrees to either side of the intended flight path.
  5. The canopy. Whichever canopy you choose to use for paragliding be sure to read the manufacturer's recommendations for use. Typically, they will suggest certain canopies for beginning paragliders and other canopies for more advanced gliders. Beginning canopies are much more simple and allow the new pilot to simply focus on practicing with steering and not going too high up in the air.
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