Beginner Swim Workout

A beginner swim workout can help you become a better swimmer. You might even be able to become a competitive swimmer if you practice and work hard enough. However, when you’re just starting out as a beginner swimmer, you will need to tailor your swim workout to your skill level.

  1. Workout three to four times per week. This is how often you should be completing your swim workouts each week. As a beginner, swimming every day might be overly tiring and overwhelming. Sticking with several times a week will give you the practice you need without overdoing it.
  2. Do endurance workouts. Endurance swim workouts for beginners are about keeping your body in motion. Try to swim several laps at a moderate pace. Then, slow down and take a few laps slow. The key with building your endurance during a beginner swim workout is just to keep moving forward, even after you get very tired.
  3. Incorporate speed workouts. Once you can swim for a long period of time, start to build up your speed. For one lap, swim as fast as you can. Then, take a few minutes to recover. Instead of stopping completely, swim in place and walk through the water so your muscles don’t tighten. Try to get at least three or four fast laps into each beginner speed workout.
  4. Don’t ignore your form. Form is very important, even for beginning swimmers. Take some time during each beginner swim workout to practice your form. Do this by moving your arms through the water in slow motion. Then, do the same for your legs while balancing your upper body on the edge of the pool. Ask a more experienced swimmer or coach to watch these workouts and help you learn how to improve your form.
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