Beginner Swimming Workouts

Beginner swimming workouts assist in getting new or young swimmers ready for more advanced swimming. When learning to swim, often new muscles are put to use. These muscles need to be built in appropriate ways as to not inhibit or hinder the swimming process. Always work with a certified swimming coach when learning to swim. The water can be a dangerous place for an inexperienced swimmer.

  1. Breathing practice. Swimming workouts for beginners start with proper breathing practice. The new swimmer stands in the shallow area with their face down in the water. Practice turning the head to the right, exposing the nose and mouth to the open air. Breathe in and turn the face back into the water. Breathe out in the water. Repeat this practice over and over until comfortable with breathing in this manner.
  2. Kick boards. Swimming workouts for beginners often include the use of a kick board. The small board is held on to in the water to support the upper body while the swimmer using only the legs to propel them through the water. Multiple laps back and forth across the pool using the kick board should be a regular part of the workout for the new swimmer.
  3. Arms only. Building up the arm muscles is an important part of a swimming workouts for beginners. The swimmer holds their legs together and straight out, without motion. Drag yourself using only the arms, keeping the appropriate swimming form.
  4. Sprint and rest. For a swimming workouts for beginners, try the sprint and rest approach. Swim as hard as possible down one length of the pool. Upon return, swim slowly and relaxed. Repeat multiple times.
  5. Just swim. The most important piece of  swimming workouts for beginners is actually swimming. Multiple laps across the pool, in all known strokes, will build up muscle and endurance.
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