Beginner Wrestling Techniques

You have just explored the exciting arena of wrestling, and now you need some beginner wrestling techniques. While there are different forms of wrestling including grappling, folkstyle, freestyle and greco-roman, most of the array of wrestling styles are intertwined with each other in that some have the same or similar moves and that they share similar concepts. This article will encompass universal wrestling techniques that can be used in most styles of wrestling.

  1. Keep your head up. This,coupled with several other techniques, will prevent your opponent from taking a shot. If you are looking down with your head lowered, your opponent can easily tap your head and you will go falling down to the mat.
  2. Learn how to sprawl. Sprawling is a beginner wrestling technique that will take you a long way. This is when your opponent shoots and throws your body back so they cannot grip your legs. By sprawling, you are preventing your opponent from doing a basic takedown.
  3. Stay off your back. Once you have fallen to the mat, the first thing you want to do is turn over to your stomach. This technique is not applicable to grappling, as grappling wrestlers start on their back.
  4. Use your hands. Wrestling isn't all about what we see on the television. While throws and headlocks appear appealing, they are not practical for many people. On the mat, you will find yourself using your hands more than everything, especially if you are standing up. You can use your hands to peel off your opponent's hand when he has you locked in an awkward position. Use your hands to grab the top of his hand tightly and swiftly grab his legs for a single leg. In summary, your hands are your best friends in wrestling.
  5. Know what moves you are going to do. This will come in handy especially if you are starting off at the bottom. When starting off on your feet, you will have some time to strategically plan a takedown as you are playing the hand game with your opponent. However, when you are at the bottom, you have to think quickly, and knowing what move you are going to do is an ideal technique that will assist with this.



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