Beginning Bowling Cheats

Learn about beginning bowling cheats. Bowling has been around for more than two decades and is as popular as ever. Kids on up to old folks love the sport and it's just as popular as ever. Some are competitive enough to be in bowling tournament and some are just bowling for fun. When you are a beginner it's good to have a few good helpful hints to get a strike.

  1. The right bowling ball. For one, some pro bowlers have their own bowling ball that they use. It helps them to play because it's tailored to their finger size and weight. As a beginner bowler, look at and test all of the bowling balls at the bowling alley. Put  your  fingers into the slots to see what fits comfortably. Pay attention to the weight too. If it's too heavy you will have absolutely no control over your ball. Bowling balls come in weights about as little as 5-8 pounds for younger kids. Choose the weight that works for  you. This is a helpful cheat so any bowler has a better chance of winning and is somewhat of a beginning bowling cheat since not everyone knows that size and weight of the ball makes a big difference.
  2. Perfect your throw. When you throw your bowling ball, try to pay attention to how you move your wrist. If you turn your wrist as you throw, your ball will go at an angle. What you want to do is throw your ball as straight as possible. Remember this beginner bowling cheat when you get up to the bowling line to take your turn.
  3. Bumper pads for cheating.  Using the bumper pads while bowling is a cheat for bowlers who are just beginning to bowl. When you check in to buy your bowling lane ask them to put up the bumper pads to help you cheat your way to a higher bowling score. That way If you miss throw your bowling ball, it hits the bumpers and makes the bowling ball go back out so you have a chance of knocking down a few pins instead of none.
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