Beginning Bowling Techniques

Whether you are new to bowling as a hobby or even as a sport, bowling can be an exciting way to spend time with friends or in competition, especially when utilizing these beginning bowling techniques.  Though many people would not realize it, bowling requires a set of special skills, but also a competitive attitude in order to get into the game and see results.  In the game, practice will make perfect and finding the right technique is essential to have consistent results and become a successful bowler.  Some beginning bowling techniques can include things like posture, knowing the score system and selecting the right bowling ball.

  1. Selecting Your Bowling Ball Beginning bowling techniques start with using the right bowling ball.  In the event you do not have a ball of your own, you will have to use one from the bowling alley.  These are referred to as "house balls".  If you are using a house ball you will want to select one that has the right weight for you to manage.  A ball that weighs sixteen pounds should be left to professionals or individuals that are bigger in overall size.  Adults should not use a bowling ball under 10 pounds unless they have back, wrist or shoulder issues.  Most men will use a 14 pound ball, but can easily start with a 12 pound ball if they are more comfortable.
  2. Keep Your Body and Ball Straight Beginning bowling techniques start by standing in front of the lane with your body facing straight to the lane itself.  The ball should be kept straight in line with your body.  Part of beginning bowling techniques is finding how much distance you will need in order to take five steps up to the lane release line.  Walk from the line and take a normal pace as you count five steps.  This should be your starting position.
  3. Releasing the Ball Releasing the ball is an important step in beginning bowling techniques.  This is what keeps the ball in control and successfully strikes the pins in which you are aiming at.  The ball should only be released when it passes your left foot (if you are right handed).  Though this is awkward for many people at first, it eventually comes natural.
  4. Bowling a Hook More advanced bowlers will resort to using a technique referred to as "hooking" the ball.  Beginning bowling techniques for a hook usually should be started after an individual has mastered the basic straight ball technique.  A hook can be a difficult bowling technique that individuals can easily do incorrectly and lead to bowling issues down the road.
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