Beginning Bowling Tips

Bowling is one of the most popular sports there is, but beginners will need some beginning bowling tips. It can seem daunting at first, but with a few bowling tips and some practice, you can gradually learn the game. Here are a few tips to get you started.

  1. Use the right ball. This is crucial to bowling and the most important of beginning bowling tips. You need a ball that fits comfortably and one that you can "throw" comfortably. Balls are between eight and sixteen pounds. It should not be so heavy in your hand that it is hard to lift, nor so light that it feels like nothing is in your hand. Your fingers should also fit comfortably. Most bowling centers have balls you may use, and finding the right one may take time. Even so, most beginners do not want to invest in their own ball.
  2. Do not throw the ball. Even though the word "throw" is used, the key to good bowling is to roll the ball. For most beginners, there is a definite sound of the ball hitting the floor. A properly rolled ball will make no sound. With practice you will learn to work with the ball and avoid trying to force it.
  3. Practice makes perfect. Just as it is in any sport, you need to practice and to be patient. No one is perfect at first, and it takes time to learn how to roll the ball just right. Take note of what works and try to do the things you did when you made a good shot.
  4. Work on your footwork. Most bowlers use a four-step approach, releasing the ball on the final step. Some use a five-step approach. This will take some practice; you can even practice this when at home. The four-step approach should be used for beginners.
  5. Ask for help. Bowlers are generally friendly and glad to help a beginner. Ask for advice. Some bowling centers have a pro shop with a coach who can help beginners. Coaching is very valuable and can help you develop your game quicker.
  6. Watch the pros. Watch pros when you can, or at least watch good bowlers and try to emulate what they do. Watch their form and try to emulate that form as much as possible. Pay special attention to how they do not "throw" the ball, and how they "roll" the ball instead.
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