Behind The Ear Tattoos For Guys

Behind the ear tattoos for guys are gaining in popularity, as people attempt to find creative places to ink themselves. The beauty of tattoos behind the ears is that they can easily be covered up with hair if kept small or be a major statement if they are big. The following are some of the most popular behind the ear tattoos for men:

  1. Stars. One of the most popular behind the ear tattoos, star tattoos are also one of the most simple. Men often get simple outlines of stars or stars shaded in a simple color and outlined in black. Guys often get a single start tattoo behind the ear or a simple group of them.
  2. Text. Tattoos of a single word or phrase in a simple font are another popular behind the ear tattoo for guys. Text tattoos to consider for behind the ear include names with or without a date, text using Chinese characters or a favorite phrase.
  3. Symbols. Religious and astrological symbols, as well as favorite logos, are tattoos for behind the ear. Religious symbols to consider as a tattoo include crucifixes, Stars of David, images that represent the Trinity, the infinity sign or pentacles. Logo tattoos guys often get are those that represent a favorite band, sports team or product.
  4. Hobbies. Tattoos of items relating to hobbies translate well into a tattoo behind the ear. Guys who love music can consider getting musical notes, a treble clef or bass clef as a tattoo. Horseshoes, dice, insects or scientific symbols are also popular.



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